March 15, 2011

Run for Japan


In the midst of all the things that Japan has--and is still going through, what best way to show them love than participating in the upcoming Run for Japan, a fundraising event where proceeds will go to help rebuild the country that has contributed a lot of things to the world.

For a mere Php350, all runners can join the 3k, 5k and 10k which already includes the singlet, race bib and souvenir.

Run in your normal jogging outfit or wear a cosplay (which would be highly entertaining!). All for the love of Japan! Happening this April 17 (Sunday) at Fort Bonifacio Global City, 5:15am. Registrations are on-going.

March 9, 2011

Take 2!

Way before Nicki Minaj's hit single "Your Love", award-winning British music artist of the 80's-- Annie Lennox was the first to come up with the catchy entrance tune. She didn't sing it the way the queen of hip-hop did though. On the contrary, Annie sang No More "I Love You's".

Lady Gaga's current hit song Born This Way is making a lot of fans sing-- and other big artists as well. After discovering 10-year-old Youtube sensation Maria Aragon and asking her to sing in Gaga's concert in Toronto, Canada last March 3, here's what came up of their duet bringing more emotion to the soulful (literally)song followed by Katy Perry's semi-acoustic take of the same song.

And to wrap things up, here's quite a funny set due to other people's naive comments---After Justin Beiber released his single 'Somebody To Love' (which has another version that also features Usher), people search Youtube, find this next song and thinks "Hey this isn't J.B.'s song!" Well FYI, this is courtesy to the 70's British band "Queen" which the song was actually revived by the Glee Cast. If you're looking for the one Beiber sang (in Glee version) here it is, listen... and see the difference!

January 16, 2011

Proj. 365: Day 14-16

Day 14: The only constant thing I could keep picturing to have a new one everyday is on food photography. Like my previous shot on Krazy Garlic, this is another resto I'd keep tab to review on. 'Toast Box' aas a little selection on their menu but is simple yummy I tell you!

Day 15: I just saw this when I was out and roaming. I don't know what it is so I'm telling you to go figure out that too. :))

Clue: It looks like a metal leaf... or somekind on UFO umbrella?
Who knows? o_O"

Day 16: And last but certainly not the least, I had fun going to mass after seeing Spidey drop by our church. Talk about fanadom! I just had to make fun of this pic! Sorry kid.:))

January 14, 2011

Up, up, here we go!

This week, a lot of great songs came out that I could just keep them looping in my iPod! So let's not keep the waiting any longer, here's one from an asian band who is making their way to the charts! This is Far East Movement featuring One Republic's very own Ryan Tedder in Rocketeer.

Justin Bieber shows a religious side as he closes eyes and sing Pray which definitely touches one's hearts.

But contrary to J.B.'s religiousness, Enrique Inglesias' new single goes out to party in sex and sin with Tonight I'm Lovin' You (which is not really what he's trying to say.:o)

The long awaited team-up of Nelly and Kelly Rowland finally brings a follow-up to their hit song Dilemma with Gone followed by David Archuleta's very catchy new hit song Elevator.

So that's a wrap to this week's new songs! It's time for me to look for more new ones to feature! 'Til the next Music Highlights!;)

January 13, 2011

Proj. 365: Day 13

Day 13: It's a Thursday night and although gimmick night was a bit off given the time of the day, it was still nice to hang out with friends and eat a new place called 'Krazy Garlic' which literally served everything with garlic (including their drinks)!

The place was cozy and the food is great (although a bit expensive). I could write a review about the resto, but maybe when I have the time.:P

P.S. Forgive the gruesome pixel, it was taken from my camera phone.
I forgot to bring my baby today! But at least I kept the rule of thirds in tact. :D

**Thanks to Arvin for the treat! Advance Happy Birthday!!:D

January 12, 2011

Project 365: Day 11-12

Day 11: Saw this very iteresting and up-to-date jeep which designed itself with the latest social networking sites like "Facebook" and "Twitter". Only saw one side of it though, I wonder if it included any other sites.

Oh and this Jeep's travel route is at our province so if you want to take a trip to network-ville, this is the ride you should be taking!:))

Day 12: Another random picture I took for the day. It's Sunday and there's not much happening except mass and... a really bright lamp. :-I

January 11, 2011

Project 365: Day 7-10

My days are finally starting to get busy and 4 pictures of my day has been left unposted! I hope to be able to keep taking a snapshot of something with the coming days or else I'll be posting an image of "IOU's" *eeep!*

Day 7: Jan 7--I woke up at around 6:30 to jog at our province's oval track. When all my energy was drained, I was never too tired to take this snapshot of kids running with no rubber shoes on. They even removed their slippers to play! Totally worth the picture feature!:)

Day 8: Our fiesta at the town plaza. Thank God for rural places for keeping this tradition!
Since I don't dance ballroom, all I could do was play with my baby camera.
And what best way to enjoy bright lights and moving people? Low shutter!

Day 9: Magellan's Cross... and no, I didn't go to Cebu. This image is the reminder of my previous
trip there and what I still need to accomplishfor the Cebu edition of
Travel Times!
Ugh, I wish I could have included "non-procrastination" in my resolution!
But sadly, I was too lazy to do that. LOL!

Day 10: Jelly Belly time!!! Thank you James for giving me my favorite
Fat-Free and non-cholesterol munchie, Lychee Conjac Jelly by H&Y!=D