January 21, 2009

Writing Tips Part 2

There's a lot more that can be done with writing than just the basic essays, news and or blogging. It could be as simple as writing a diary.. or it could be a deeper medium of thoughts and dreams to portray things that cannot be spoken or acted. Here's a second part on writing tips from yours sincerely.

7) As much as possible, do not be BIASED.

Although this instance is something hard to do (because sharing one's opinions or ideas means you take up a side.. SOMEHOW), as much as possible (as my writing profs use to say), try not to be biased specially with issues that needs serious response by looking at both side of the story.

8) Browse RANDOMLY.

I make this a habit specially If i don't have any topics in mind. I randomly think of a category and browse anything (well except for porn sites and the like. =.=") just so I could discover other topics I may not know about and heck, does it help me think of things to write about!

9) Learn new WORDS.

If you encounter a word you're not familiar with, Google it or better yet, learn a word in a DAILY approach. My dad used to make me do this when I was still young. I skipped a lot of days mind you, and although I may not be a walking dictionary, there's always Shift + F7 (Thesaurus) in MS Word. XD

10) Avoid Procrastination!!! >_<"

I know this may be one of the many reasons why one can't improve on their skills because they let themselves think "i-could-do-this-or-that-on-another-day-anyway". I'm guilty of this too but if I feel that I'm up to writing, I make up for the days I don't get to post something and well, try to make sense out of it too. As much as possible, do not procrastinate. Instead, motivate!

A tip my writing professor taught me:

He said that if you read back on our past written articles and you LIKED it, it means you haven't improved our writing skills.

If you hated it and thought it sucked, it simply means you wrote it very badly!

...And how to know if you've improved your writing? Sorry but I Guess we'll have to find that out for ourselves because I forgot the rest of Dean's lecture!XDD

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection."
Anais Nin

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