January 29, 2009

Unwanted Perfect Life

My fourth and hopefully NOT my last article about LaMB, here's my answer to the question:

"In LaMB, the process of lamination was first invented to preserve beauty until it evolved into a form of imprisonment. Would you commit a crime to stay young and beautiful?"

There is no need for a long beauty-pageant like answer. Ever since, I've already thought that although a mere mortal would be tempted by the fact they could stay young and beautiful for a long time, If the fact remains that I'll eventually become someone who is perfect yet imprisoned, ak.a. Laminated, ending up in a life of servitude and emotion-less nature, it is not worth trading for physical flawlessness. I'd rather experience be old and live another life than stay perfect but never got to enjoy life.

Adding up my last year's post: Enjoy Life!

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