January 28, 2009

A Mission for LaMB

"If you were given access to a LaMB, what task would you have it perfom for you? (You will need to refer to LaMB rules on animax-lamb.com)"

Since I am rich enough to have a LaMB, I'd rather have my LaMB do something absurd or almost impossible! And with that, I'd fund some of my wealth and will put him/her on a mission to embark on other planets or even cross over our milky way galaxy just to discover if there is indeed other life forms or possible inhabitable planets!

If the mission has been completed, his accomplishment alone would change a lot of things we know right now and affect the future of human race. It would further give us understanding on the things that is out of our reach yet can be done by why we thought was something- so--useless. But because I personally value human life, I will consider that in exchange for a successful mission to and back on earth, I will have my LaMB de-laminated and live a normal human life--- even on the planet he discovered.

*Image from http://www.usbible.com/Astrology/milky_way.gif

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