January 22, 2009

Twiligth Cast "could-have-beens"


Ever wondered who could the "could-have-been" casts of the hit novel-turned-movie Twilight?

Well I did.

And this isn't because of too much obsession to the novel I assure you. XD I may not be their number one fan, but I won't deny I'm close to being one of the "edwardians". LOL! (Take note: EDWARD, not Robert Pattinson-gaga) XP

This article sparked my interest mainly because of a particular video I saw in Youtube. Twilight fans made their own "casting" of who are the candidates up for Bella or Edward's Hollywood image. Some of them gave interesting names and some of them well, didn't quite hit the bull's eye.

So without further things to blab on, here are two Edwards and Bella's I personally prefer--in terms of perfect image (acting is still to be judge):

Current Edward Cullen:

Robert Pattinson
Became relatively famous as the handsome, smart and charming
Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. Now he lands another yet handsome,
smart and charming role as Edward Cullen. How lucky can one get!

Edward Cullen Could-be's:

The man that was ALMOST Superman (down to the final 3), as well as the man that was ALMOST Batman (final 6) and well as the man that was SO CLOSE to being Bond (final 2 but deemed too young). And now he's about to become the dubbed PERFECT MAN in the image of Edward, but heck---you know how it turned out.

Sean Faris
Probably the hottest guy I have ever freakin' seeeeen!!!!
(Search his other pics, he's one helluva sexy male model!) XD

Then off to the forbidden fruit:

Current Bella Swan:
Kristen Stewart
Famous for her role in Panic Room with co-star Jodie Foster,
she's the kid with allergy problems....Now she isn't such a kid anymore!

Bella Swan Could-be's:

a.k.a. Rogue of X-Men, she could be Belly Swan with her Brunette hair.
But after seeing this picture, I thought she would have been better of
as Rosalie Cullen instead!

Ellen Page
2008 Oscar Nominee for her lead role as the 16 year old
pregnant teen in Juno, she's certainly another perfect Bella. Well,
ironically, Bella shouldn't be perfect at all but Ellen Page exudes just that!

And to the mongrels err, to he who completes the love triangle:

Current Jacob Black:

Although a bit young among his fellow cast in Twilight, Taylor may fit the right age for Jacob Black but does he have the right physical quantities to be the hunk werewolf in the movie? Many physical changes underwent Jacob in the novel, with his transformation as a werewolf, his body should be well built too. Will Taylor Lautner be able to live up this changes for the next movie? We'll soon found out despite rumors he might be changed into other more potential actors...

Jacob Black Could-be's:

6-pack hunk Michael Copon got a fairly good vote from Twilight fans
in the internet when voting was casted as to who Jacob Black should be.
We just wonder how come he didn't get the spot?
Is it because he's 15 years OLDER rather than 15 years YOUNGER?

Steven Strait
10,000 B.C. lead actor could have gotten the spot with his charming
features... Jacob Black or not, he's a hunter, and I sure do bet he's also hunted!
Isn't it why Bella fell for him in the first place? ;)

...And that's it! If I make a longer list for other sub characters, it wouldn't matter anyway since the cast is already plotted. LOL! Though I do want to emphasize that I liked Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the actors who turned out-who in the movie. Although I think the current actors COULD HAVE done better though... as to give more what is due to Stephenie Meyer's creation and imagination. Twilight fans would just cross their fingers the sequel movie isn't as disappointing as the first!

*Reads back to Eclipse's last three chapters* XD


Anonymous said...

I like the Violet girl in Series of Unfortunate Events as Bella. Sya nai-imagine ko when I was reading the book. and i heard na papalitan ang jacob black which is good. crush na crush ko si jacob black sa new moon at eclipse so dapat talaga maging gwapo sya. hehe

-cielo :)

Lady 'K said...

Heya cielo! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :D

Unfortunately, I read an internet article na and current Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) will still remain for new moon! Well, yeah I agree with you on that... he doesn't seems so much handsome although the story didn't really emphasize him as 'handsome' dba? Sabi lang magnda katawan at warm.. physically and by his smile... Malay natin Taylor would transform into a hunk narin? haha :)

I remember violet although I think she's a bit too young to be bella... 'To one is another' nga so they say... :D