January 15, 2009

Bacchikoi, Bacchikoi Babeee!

I think one of the things that won't change in me even if I grow old is my love for anime and gaming. And with that, comes the wonderful J-songs that adds more life to it. Here are some of the great-but-not-so-famous-OST's that you might want to add in your playlist. ;)

From one of the phenomenal anime during Yu Yu Hakusho's domination, here's Flame of Recca's 2nd closing song, Zutto Kimi No Zoba De. (I miss Kurei-sama! Bwohahaha! XD)

Next up is the beloved boys with trouble in their pockets (although this song shows the sentimental part of the story). This is Alone from Gensoumaden Saiyuki.

Introduced by a friend to me and eventually became on of my most loved-anime, here's one of Midori no Hibi's soundtrack: Chiisa no Tegami (Small Letter) sang by Coorie.

And lastly, this has got to be the best ending song for Naruto... wait, for all Anime!!!XD
Coming out on Naruto Shippuuden's 91th ep, Here's the 8th closing song: Bacchikoi by Dev Parade with an epic dance move from our favorite Naruto Characters! *Side step wiggle wiggle* (Oh man, this just brings out the fountain of yooouuuttth! XD)

Moving on with the list, here are the game soundtracks ranging from console to Online Games!

From PS2, here's the RPG where strangely, Goofy and Donald are part of the characters, here's Kingdom Hearts' Hikari by my fave J-singer, Utada Hikaru.

From my previous MMORPG (yes, sadly I have said goodbye to playing it), enjoy leveling from 4-8 at Al Quelt Moreza, while listening to Granado Espada's OST: Odyssey by Kubota Omasu.

And to wrap it up, here's one from the online game Dance Battle Audition-- Stay in Me by Ji Young Suh. (I remember I love to dance to this tune, i just forgot how fast you needed to press the 9 keys so my character would do her cute dances. Oh crap, now I miss playing! =c)

...Oh, i remembered I uploaded a vid of my character dancing and doing 3 FM's (Final Movements) which was a rare case back then. Forgive me for choosing a RANDOM sexual dance move. LOL! XP If you're interested, watch it here. XD

'Til next time!~ :D