October 29, 2008

Game! Nov. issue Anime Review

Your Right Hand as a Girlfriend?! Take it from Seiji!

Discover how one tough guy and an über shy girl could be an excellent pair in this funny and heart-warming anime called “Midori No Hibi” (Midori Days).
By Joan Ison

Seiji Sawamura is a typical High School tough kid who likes getting into fights and would seem like it’s all he’s good at. Not only does he get into a lot of fights, but he wins a lot of ‘em as well. With his 'devil's right hand,' he takes down anyone who gets in his way. And like Sakuragi Hanamichi from Slam Dunk, people end up fearing them...not to mention girls whom they have a crush on! But that’s where Seiji’s REAL problem comes in. All he wants more than anything in the world is just to have a girlfriend, however, all the girls are afraid of him!

Well... except for super shy girl Midori Kasugano.

She has had a crush on Seiji for three years already but what seems to be the solution to Seiji’s girlfriend-problems, the dilemma now lies with Midori. I did say she was very shy right? All she can do is watch Seiji across the train platform every time he goes home. She could never muster the courage to tell him his feelings until tough guy Seiji and shy girl Midori’s fate intertwine and do I mean…literally intertwine!

To what seems as a very unconventional way to solve the two people’s problem, Seiji one day wakes up to find the horror of having his 'devil's right hand' turned into a miniature Midori!

Will Midori and Seiji end up together so their relationship can become more than what it was when she was his right-hand?! I wouldn’t want to give you all the spoilers so go and find out with your right hand what’s happened in this wacky and charming ‘believable’ story of Midori no Hibi.

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