October 21, 2008

Up to become a Hero?

The Heroes without Spandex are back!

Finally, the award winning TV show Heroes is back on it's third season! Seeing Peter Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura, Claire Bennet and the rest of the people with extraordinary abilities save the world (or destroy it) simple makes me want to discover my own abilities as well! (Yeah right, dream on! XD)

But I'm stuck here infront of the boobtube so I might as well watch the 5 episodes that are already out to-date! I got to watch the Countdown to the Premiere (Basically Episode 00) and discovered a cool fact about the show: For the fans, you're probably familiar with the Primatech Paper, the " Paper company" Noah Bennet works for. If you actually visit the website of that company www.primatechpaper.com, It's a matter of deviously looking for the link that would re-direct you to the official Heroes website!

Indeed it is a very interactive page with it's "content beyond TV", allowing viewers to watch the episodes, view photos of the cast, wallpapers, world tours, and the likes, and they also got this cool game where if you subscribe, you get a daily mysterious e-mail that you need to solve and possibly affect the outcome of the show! Now what does Sherlock Holmes got to say to that!

I recommend you watch the Countdown to the Premiere (specially if you're not yet a Heroes fan) and see sneak peeks, "how they did that", and many more that will make you watch out for in Heroes Volume 3! (I got to watch mine by downloading the video torrent here. =D)

Yattaaaahhh!!! - Hiro