October 3, 2008

Couch Potato Series 1

If you wanna bum by being a couch potato, here are some shows i've watched [when i was still one ]. Like 'em or not, it's up to you, but heck i wouldn't be writing this in the first place if i didn't think they not even worth it! XD (Including previews about it so at least don't get too lazy to read it! =P)

On Anime:

1) Kyou Kara Maoh! (God Save Our King!)
By Tomo Takabayashi
Anime Series, 78 episodes
Genre: Adventure, comedy, shonen-ai, role-playing

A young boy (around 16 years old I think) named Shibuuya Yuuri (and his only interest is baseball I might add) was ‘flushed’ down the toilet by some bullies and end up being in a different world. I know disgusting. *LOL* But it’s his destiny to be in New Shikaku, the world he was going to rule over. It would seem that his soul was the reincarnation of the previouos ‘Maou’ or Demon King of that place, so it’s up to Yuuri to fulfill that task. Of course at first, he thought it was all a circus joke, with all the royal court of handsome men and flying skeletons following him around, but eventually accepts the sudden responsibility.

The all out story of this anime is to stop the demon race (not actually demons or monsters… they look human but have powers) against the normal human race. The best thing about this anime? It’s the man-loving part. Hahaha! It actually got me hooked on a man-to-man relationship mainly because of what happened to Yuuri in that place. Since this anime is a shonen-ai or harem anime, meaning it’s an anime of ‘beautiful’ men (or beautifully drawn men), they are more good-looking that the women and so, it seems like I agree to that kind of unusual pairing as long as it’s an anime! >_<” When the first few episodes ran, Yuuri got into a fight with one of the Previous Maou’s son, Sir von Beilefeld, better known as Wolfram. Yuuri then slaps him in the cheek and picks up a knife in the middle of the brawl. At first I was wondering how come Yuuri ‘slapped’ Wolfram. Not punch him. Then there was a lot of uproar within the characters when the new Maou picked up the knife. It was later cleared that in their world, slapping someone in the left cheek means…. *hold on to your seat* you’ve proposed to that person! And picking up the knife means you’re not taking back what you said, instead, is demand for a duel. *ROTFL* Talk about coincidences and ways to show love! Well, of course they don’t really love each other… yet. But as the series progressed, it wasn’t directly shown that neither of them said ‘”I love you’s’” or tried to kiss one another, but in most Kyou Kara Maoh forums, there are a lot of fanarts that show their lovin’… and by golly, does it looook goooood! >: ) (Oh my, it seems like I’ve just said a spoiler! >_<) To wrap it up, Kyou Kara Maou has a unique story of comedy and adventure that truly keeps you guessing ‘till end. ^^v

2) Bleach
By Tite Kubo
Anime Series, (on-going) latest release: episode 138
Genre: action, Dark anime

Ahh, the ‘fast-fan-attracting’ anime, Bleach. The story of a normal boy living in a normal world until one day, they are attacked by ‘hollows’ or spirits of the undead world longing to eat human souls. The Shinigami (Death God) in-charge of exterminating the hollows is Rukia. But unfortunately, she was severely wounded by the monsters and had no choice but to transfer her powers to the boy, Kurusaki Ichigo. Awakening his shinigami possibilities, he then becomes a substitute death-god and aids his comrades in protecting Ichigo’s city. (A fictional place in Tokyo called Karakura town) Each shinigami has a ‘Zanpaktou’ or a sword that is mainly used in combat. Each Zanpaktou has a power that is yielded when you call its name. As for Ichigo’s “Zangetsu”, it allows him to become faster both in body and attack because his Zanpaktou is a black, light sword. It’s actually cool compared to the other large and superfluous swords the other characters have. ^^v

The first 120 episodes were full of action and thrill that made this anime popular. But since it’s still on-going, most of the latest episodes have just been ‘fillers’ or side-stories as the main characters train to become strong in order to fight the upcoming battle against the Shinigami traitor, Captain Aizen (what a handsome antagonist! ^^v) and his group of ‘Espada’ or the strongest amongst the hollow-types. It’s been boring to watch the side-stories but Bleach enthusiasts have no choice but to watch it, hoping to get a glimpse of the ‘long-lost’ hero of the story, Ichigo that is. He hasn’t been shown much in the story lately but when episode 138 was released, I finally remembered how the impatient-orange haired-substitute shinigami looks like.

Overall, this anime has been in my Top 5 list actually so despite its unnecessary fillers, I just hope ???? finally puts the story back on track and stop GMA 7 from further sinking the anime’s class because of the local station’s cheap and annoying dubbing. T_T” But I can say that no matter how bad the dubbing is, at least the songs still remain the same highly-praised OST. ^^v

3) Naruto Shippuuden

By Jump Comics (Masashi Kishimoto)
AnimeSeries (on-going) recent release: episode 27

The ever-addicting anime of all time rises its way into my top 5 list of best anime as the release of the second season, Naruto Shipuuden (Hurricane Chronicles) become one of the busiest downloads in the net! Running on its 27th episode now, I’m sure Naruto fans are always on the look-out for it new anime and manga releases. Too bad for me, I don’t read the manga mainly because I don’t know what chapter I should read that would be the same as the anime version. (Oh stop being a hypocrite Joan and say you just don’t want to know the spoilers! >_<”) I remember back when I was still playing Ragnarok PH Online, my Dragoons family was the one who forced me to watch Naruto. True to their word, I got hooked on it and hardly got time to sleep because in the morning I got to school, play Ragnarok afterwards then watch the CD’s ‘up ‘till dawn! ~_~”

At first I had the impression that the anime Naruto overall was childish that’s why I didn’t watch it. But now, after seeing how this anime has suddenly transformed into a better and more matured-drawing, i got more hooked than ever! The funny faces has become less, yes, but it just shows the change of the anime per se after the ‘supposed 2 years’ transition where all the characters trained to become stronger. I also noticed that aside from being close to the likeness of human-like drawing, (the eyes are actually more human, not the usual wide-eyes anime we know) the drawings are also finer, coloring is almost real, and to top it all, everyone else has something under their sleeves that you just can’t guess what’s coming! My only sort of negative comment about this anime is that the pace of the story is slow. I mean, it was the same as Naruto Season 1 where a fight of a single character could take weeks of normal TV broadcast, but couldn’t the publishers be more considerate that there a lot of Naruto fans like me that can only watch what’s going to happen next after a WEEK because Naruto Shippuuden is being released EVERY Fridays ONLY. Waaaah…! What a wearisome interval. ~_~”

4) Claymore
By Norihiro Yagi
Anime Series, (on-going) recent released: episode 22
Genre: Dark anime, action

This is probably the only anime I’ve watched that I think doesn’t necessarily needs a story. The thrilling and fast-paced action itself is contentment to the few who watch this anime. It’s an anime that sadly, doesn’t get the popularity it deserves. With it’s excellent drawing and effects, it’s honestly breath-taking and when ever I watch it, people in my household always wonder how come I yelp or suddenly shout while watching Claymore. *LOL* So far the only thing I want from this anime is the next episode because im soooo eager to watch what will happen next! Claiirreee! Rakkki!! Claaaaiiiree! Rakkkiii!!! XD

5) Marmalade Boy - Manga
By Wataru Yoshizumi
Genre: Love story, Drama, comedy

The story is all about 2 families who switches partners and lives under one roof together with their siblings. The Koishikawa’s have a happy-go-lucky daughter named Miki and the Maatsuyura’s have a secretive son named Yuu. Both are almost of the same age (teenagers) and later on in the story, they fell in love with each other even though it is forbidden by their parents. They keep their relationship secret and fight for their love when they knew a shattering truth that they could actually be… half siblings! I chose to read the manga over the anime episode because according to the comments / ratings I read, they say that the anime was somehow changed. And I’ve actually read Marmalade Boy when I was in 2nd year high. I only read it again because it’s simply so good!

The only probable thing missing about this anime is a continuation or a remake of a Korean-novela out of it. LOL! But genuinely,I recommend it to anyone who would take the time to read this because I’m so out of praises for this manga! When I started reading this 3 days ago, I simply couldn’t stop and didn’t ran out of tears to shed! It’s actually made me inlove (despite the fact that I don’t have anyone special right now… awww!) ANYWAY…. The love story simply took my breath away. I’m acting like a kid all over again, daydreaming of such a love fantasy, hoping Yuu is somewhere out there… *beautiful eyes* XD

6) Other recommended ‘a-must-watch’!

You're such a loser (LOL ^^v) )if you haven't watched even neither Heroes or Prison Break. I know these are old series already (released last year) but they are really good series i'm sure you wouldn't to leave the monitor alone! There's also the popular ANIME called Death note’. (There's a live series of it but really, i liek the anime waaaay better!) All these a-must watch has a unique story line and i just couldn't help but onder how brilliant the script writer was for thinking up such wonderful stories! (Well Neil Gaiman himself is already a god so i guess that answers my question. XD) They may seem almost unreal but they really are worth watching, it’s just up to you to get your butt out of your seat and find these copies! :p