October 15, 2008

Ladies with the bling!

Ladies with the Bling!
It ain't their man making the dough here!

…Beautiful, Sexy & Cool. If that’s not enough positive quality then the following girls can sing too! Here’s some femme fatale for you with my featured Music Highlights from some of the hottest Female artists to-date!

Hayden Panettiere a.k.a. ”The Cheerleader”

If her regenerating powers are not enough to stop her in Heroes as the Cheerleader, little Hayden ain’t little no more! “Save the Cheerleader, save the World” is what she’s known for. But now that she also sings… the world just got a whole lot better!

Here’s her superb song entitled Wake Up Call. (Listen well to the song guys! Really, do you want the time to come when we girls finally give you a Wake up call? ^_~v)

I loved her different looks in the vid! It just shows how she can still look pretty in any outfit. I also got a laugh from the boyfriend’s dumfounded reaction in the vid! Hah! Gotcha there babe! ;-P

Another recommended song from the same hottie, here’s My Hero is You. (I don’t know if this is the official video but it’s good as it is, makes me miss watching Heroes. =c) Super serenading song, her voice fits the melodrama of the song perfectly!

Pin-up Girl Katy Perry!

If I was a guy, I would probably drool over her! Really sexy with her Pin-up girl-like image, you gotta love her voice too! Here’s probably a lot of people’s LSS, I Kissed A Girl and I liked it… ;)

Now don’t go changin’ your mind by like a just by watching her next album single, Hot N Cold. (Notice Katy’s different facial emotions… it’s funny but she’s still so pretty!)

This video just reminded me of the movie Run Fatboy Run lol .XD

Next up is 16 year-old Barney & Friends actress, Selena Gomez who poses as a housemaid and sings Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.

The song is okay but the video could have been better, specially if she wanted to make an impact on the music industry. I like Demi Lovato better btw. XD I also got a laugh when I read a comment at this Youtube vid saying she has a squeaky voice and all... LOL! Come to think about it, she does sound a little mouse-ey. XD

My favorite female singer is back and she still rocks as ever! True enough, she's a rock star, she's got her rock moves... and she doesn’t need her “ex” husband, to let her know that! Here’s Pink with So What.

I was kinda surprised why Pink wanted Carey Hart to be in the video despite the divorce and all, (didn’t know?! Read here) but it’s good to know that no matter how tough-looking she wants to be, she’s still a women at heart and that just suits her so well!

I might be featuring what seems like all girly but it's impossible even for a guy not to hum to Natasha Bedingfield's Pocket Full of Sunshine!

And last but not least, Sri Lankan descent, M.I.A. sings Paper Planes, a song up that will make you go *bang bang bang* and *ka-chak* then *ka-ching!*. (listen to it and you’ll understand) XD