October 4, 2008

The Makings of a "Legend"

Born "John Stephens" on Dec. 28, 1978, he is now better known as John Legend, the 5-time Grammy Award Winning American soul singer, song writer, pianist and all around music legend. Don't confuse him with John Lennon, but he sure is as good as him!

His genre, R&B / Neo soul may not be your typical Ne-yo or Chris Brown music but i find Legend's songs breaking that barrier between the youth and the not so young but still is an R&B fan, still getting one's feet tap to the rythm.

Legend's debut album Get Lifted was multi-platinum selling with the songs "Used to Love U" and "Ordinary People" back in 2004. He also sang hit songs with other famed artists such as Slum Village ("Selfish", also featuring Kanye West), Jay-Z ("Encore"), and Dilated Peoples ("This Way", also featuring Kanye West). He also played piano on Lauryn Hill's "Everything is Everything"; and sang background vocals on Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name" and Fort Minor's "High Road."

The first time I ever heard his song, I simply loved his overall musicality! If his biography and achievements I wrote above isn't enough to "wow" you, listen to the three songs i've featured here for you to get hooked to this R&B Legend!

First off, Here's "Save Room", my total LSS for all time!

"This just might hurt a little
Love hurts sometimes when you do it right
Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain
Pleasure is on the other side

Let down your guard just a little
I'll keep you safe in these arms of mine
Hold on to me - pretty baby
You will see I can be all you need"

This next one, "P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)" was the song in the movie City of Gods. Total love song, truly something to fall inlove with!

Now he's back with an upcoming album entitled
Evolver with more potential chart-breaking hits specifically with the song Green Light, really good... you're gonna thank me for making you listen to it! XD

This album is set to be released on October 28, 2008.
Show your love for John Legend! Buy his Album! =)

Track Listing:

“Green Light” (ft. Andre 3000)
“Birthday Fever” (ft. Akon)
“This Time”
“Cross The Line”
“No Other Love” (ft. Estelle)
“Round the World (ft. Kelly Rowland)
“It’s Over” (ft. Kanye West)
“Everybody Knows”
“I Love, You Love”
“Quickly” (Duet w/ Brandy)
“If You’re Out There”
“Accused” (ft. Pharrell)
“Good Morning Love”