October 4, 2008

Animax Blogger's Contest!

To all Bloggers out there, this is a chance for you to share off your creative stories in Animax's xxxHolic Blogger's Contest!

All you have to do is write about the show based on the weekly topics being shown in the anime xxxHolic.

You could win "Money-can't-buy" prizes which happens to be a
couture outfit designed by Jerome Lorico (OMG! DO i wanna win that!) or an all expense date with a MAXIM babe for teh males! XD (If you guys plan to join this, better start going to the gym now! LOL!)

As for me, i'm gonna join and watch xxxHolic every Fridays at 8pm! Contest is until Oct. 24, 2008 only!

For more details, visit the site:
(Be sure to read the terms and conditions well! >_<")