October 1, 2008

I’ll Dye Your Black Heart White

I'll Dye Your Black Heart White
Bleach Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion A Review

“Bleach the movie is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!”

You might always hear this from a lot of people who exclaim how good something has turned out for them. And true enough, I exclaim it myself after watching Diamond Dust Rebellion,the second animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach.

I don't get to say that reaction a lot, but Diamond Dust Rebellion is truly one anime movie worth the praise! It actually came out last Dec. 22, 2007 (n Japan) and its DVD copy came out just this 3rd of September (and thus became available to fans who didn't get to watch it in its premiere).

The story mainly revolves around my dear Toushiro (gotta love this guy!) where a bit of his past is revealed. In the start of the movie, a powerful artifact called the King’s Seal is stolen by a mysterious Soul Reaper and two arrancar girls who control fire and lightning. Toushiro Hitsuga somehow recognizes the Shinigami and abandons his post to pursue him. Because of that, Seireitei suspects him of treason and orders the King’s Seal to be restored and Hitsugaya’s immediate capture along with the possibility of disbanding the 10th squad if he’s proven guilty.

In the real world, Ichigo finds Toushiro unconscious and aids knowing that Soul Society is looking for him. He asks Toushiro what’s happening but he refuses to explain and sets off on his own, avoiding any capture. Things get worse when the Soul Reaper thief who identifies himself as Soujiro Kusaka, assaults Shunsui Kyoraku, Captain of the 8th Division with Hyourinmaru!?! With this, Toushiro’s capture has been made priority and any resistance would allow his execution.

Later in the story, it is revealed that there are actually two Hyourinmaru wielders: Hitsugaya and Kusaka who were both good friends back when they were still in Soul Society Academy. But due to the law that only one can yield a unique power, a fight to death was needed. Toushiro didn’t want the fight but he accidentally froze Kusaka and resulted into his defeat. Years later, he comes back from the dead (specifically from being a hollow in Hueco Mundo) to revenge on Soul Society for putting him to death. Kusaka breaks the King’s Seal which has the power to manipulate time, space and matter and asks Toushiro’s allegiance who makes the final decision to make up for his past mistake.

With Soul Society falling into chaos, all of Seireitei’s squad give their all in such a fast paced-action filled movie, viewers would “freeze” in their seats!

The rest of the story is up for you to watch, although I really can’t say why the Bleach makers decided to concentrate on 10th Squad’s Captain. I just bet they truly distinguish how cool he is even being such a short guy! >:) *Ahem*

Even non-Bleach fans would probably enjoy the movie mainly because all characters in the Bleach episode were shown and had their fare share of “airtime”. Although Ichigo’s gang had little help in the real world, the 13 Squads filled the action. The only thing that made me a little sad is when I noticed that the only one who wasn’t showed in the movie was Kon-sama! :( …But you never know, the next movie might be all about him! (Well endowed women are DOOMED from this doll maniac! XD)

If you still haven’t got a copy of the movie, you can download the torrent file at www.dattebayo.com who constantly provides understandable and clean edits of the raw vids. (Thanks so much to the people behind dattebayo for providing us fans the vids! You guys rock! :D)

Honestly, because of this movie, I got hooked with Bleach AGAIN (mainly because I unfortunately got bored with its many anime fillers and the first movie Memories of Nobody just wasn’t really that good...) but then again, it just shows that Bleach is an anime worth watching ‘coz it just keeps you stuck on those screens.

Diamond Dust Rebellion is about friendship, understanding one’s self and putting the past to rest. 5 stars for this movie! If this movie was this good, what more if Bleach makes one involving Aizen and the rest of his army?!