October 16, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 FINALE!

Then There were Three...
Project Runway Season 5 FINALE!

The top 3 designers finally showcased their works of art at Fashion Week held at Bryant Park, New York.

...So who will be crowned as America's new top designer for 2008?!

Will it be Leanne, the quiet and barely discernible designer,
keen and has what it takes...

Korto, the African-American Mother who has found her calling in stitching
and infuses her roots in her designs...

Or will it be Kenley, the 50's design-lover-and-sometimes rude-yet definitely
has her own style and uniqueness when it comes to her designs?

And the winner is.... *drum roll*



She has pin tucked and pleaded her way to winning the chance of a lifetime with her well-structured yet innovative and fashion forward designs through her "waves" inspiration!

Her final look is up for auction, to-date (Oct. 16, 2008 10:00pm)
it's already at $365 and there's still a week left before it closes!

See her lovely collection in photos or through video! (You can also see Kenley and Korto's designs at the links provided there too~)

Although I personally would have loved Jerell to be part of the top 3 and get to showcase his designs (and eventually win it), I still am a fan of Project Runway, now I want to become a model / photographer / designer! XD

(Oh and I love Season 4 better! Christian is just soooo fabulous!!! <3)