October 11, 2008

Pinoy Panalo Vids!

If it's music you want, then it's music AND video you get!

Here are some OPM songs and their MTV's which i could say has BOTH a great song and WELL-MADE video in terms of graphics, concepts and the-like!

Starting off, here's one of my favorite bands, Urbandub with their song The Fight is Over. Freaky video but nonetheless super cool! (Reminds me of Rihanna's Disturbia. Again, Freaky... but cool. =D)

Other recommended songs by Urbandub: First of Summer, Guillotine, Alert the Armory
and Evidence (to be tackled in future articles about this truly 'distubring' video.)

Note about the band: THEY ARE NOT EMO OKAY!
'Nuff said.

Like typical music vids, this one from KJWAN doesn't link much to the song and video. But heck, it's the beauty of it right? To be able to tell two stories with one song... 'righteous'! XD (Again it's another set-up of the 'freaky' kind of vid, but i find it well-made enough to give the band rights to make more of vids like this!

Other recommended songs by KJWAN: One Look

Then there's Bamboo with their song Probinsyana. Since they're mainstream enough, it's highly impossible you haven't seen the vid. But then again, here it is with such awesome effects and dance choreography, I see much much improvement!

Another mainstream band with a clean, cool vid, here's Procrastinator by Sandwich.

Parokya ni Edgar comes in with their funny song and video of Martyr Nyebera. PWWWWN!! Lol! XD

Ever heard any song from
Radioactive Sago Project? Super cool vid animation, wide imagination. I can't say more. Watch it for yourselves and see if you're into... ALKOHOL.

Alkohol, alkohol, utak mo’y buhol-buhol~

Other recommended songs by RADIOACTIVE SAGO PROJECT: Astro

And last but not least, here's Bloomfields' ALE. (Sorry couldn't find a better video available)

Panalong mga Pinoy Vids diba?!

I'm glad Pinoy bands finally give effort to more "astig" vids. It just shows we're just as creative and talented in a lot of field!

If you have suggestions of other vids, just post a comment! Share it with us!