December 22, 2008

The Zombies are alive!!!

The Zombies are alive!!!

Resident Evil Animation: Degeneration

Because fans just couldn't get enough of best surviving-horror game, Capcom has finally delivered it's first full-length CG (Computer Generated) Animation of Resident Evil in Biohazard: Degeneration!

Starring the loved duo of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, they once again face the horror of what was left of Raccoon City: The T-virus spreading because of an enraged man swearing to take revenge on his way... by injecting the G-virus on himself and thus wreck havoc together with the other slithering zombies.

I'm really not a fan of horror games (they freak me out! >.<) but I find the CG Animation flawless, making each character human (not to mention zombies!) look so real. They're still frightful enough to give me a yip as the story and action lets you discover more about the virus and if it can ever be treated.

Fortunately, even if non-RE fans watch this, they would still somehow enjoy it because some background about the origins of the story/virus has been revealed and I think anyone who would watch Degeneration has also watched the Hollywood version of Resident Evil (RE 1, RE 2: Apocalypse and RE 3: Extinction) starring Mila Jovovich as the fictional RE-heroine Alice.

Although the CG movie is set in the same universe as the original game series, it won't seem to be part of future RE series as to keep the hour and a half of pure bite and shoot galore unique yet RE to the core!

The movie was released last October 18, 2008 (under Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan [they were first again?!]) but is now up for grabs in DVD. Here's the trailer to stir things up and make you want to go and pop some zombie heads again:

And the fun doesn't end there! The latest outbreak of evil is about to be released this March 2009 as Resident Evil goes on it's FIFTH series in PS3! It's "Ohh yeah" to the fans and "I-gotta-sum-up-the-courage-and-try-this-aaaaagggh!" for me! XD

Read more about it in it's official site or from IGN.

The game trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Zombies hunting is the new profession!

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jaythegame said...

resident evil 4 and 5 does not include zombies in their cast..:)