December 16, 2008

Lock & Loaded!

Wow, It's been a while since I posted some Music updates and did they stack up! Here are the latest from the old and new artists that disrupt the silence (in an extremely good way).

Going head to head with Paramore is Automatic Loveletter with their song Parker, another one for the "fave" playlist!

Staind lives and sings Believe in Me, filling their song with the usual great lyrics to ponder on.

The Fray is back and sings for the Emmy Award winning TV Series, LOST. I did like this show at first, but somehow Season 3 onwards bored me because the story progressed so slow (although yeah, the thrill is still there, there's just not much gusto anymore) so I really didn't get to know "what" is keeping Jack, Sayid, Emilie and the rest of the survivors in nowhere island. Here is the soundtrack of the next season of Lost (premiering this January 21, 2009), You Found Me.

Nickleback! Oh Nickleback is also back! Gotta be Somebody, listen to it now!

Now sing along to All American Rejects as they Give You Hell!

The Queen of Pop Rock's era is defnitely not over! Here's Pink with her latest song, Sober.

Good girl gone bad is finally in rehab! ...Kidding! Although Rihanna hasn't done anything wrong (which is of course, good although not so juicy to paparazzis), here's her new single entitled Rehab featuring Justin Timberlake as his model! Dissapointin vid though, it's less fierce than I expected.)

Lastly, after being inlove with a girl, Gavin DeGraw now thinks she Cheated on Me. Weird transition of themes in his album Chariot, but then again Music portrays a lot of things right?