December 17, 2008

Lock & Loaded Part 2!

Because it took me to long to feature new songs, like I said in the previous Music Highlights, Man did they stack up! Here's another round of the songs I've missed to post!

First off, here's the song that really makes me want to try out Guitar Hero or any rock guitar just I could copy Hearts Bursts into Fire's intro by Bullet for My Valentine.

Next up comes from The Jonas Brothers with their love song-turned modern despite having a 70's themed video. (Still looks cool though) Get speechless, breathless and over the edge with LoveBug.

More from the Twilight Sountrack, here are nice song entitled Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation and Leave All Out The Rest by Linkin Park. (Yep, it's not only Paramore who sand the whole OST mind you)

Here's two song for the LSS, Estelle's Pretty Please (Love me baby~) followed by Keane's The Lovers are Losing (I dream I had nothing at all, I dream I had nothing at all, I dream I had nothing at all... O_O")

Another song I heard over the radio, If This Isn't Love by Jennifer Hudson.

Let's follow it up with a soothing song from Jack Johnson's If I had Eyes (I noticed for some reason songs i feature right now has the word "eyes" O_O")

Bamboo is back with another album and they've still rocked it out with Kailan.

And for the support to indie OPM songs, here's Taken by Cars with Uh Oh (Uh oh, uh oh, ooohh~)

Next Music Highlights will be LOADED and posted before the New Year! Watch out for it! ;)
*LSS to Eyes on Fire second voice* XD