January 14, 2009

The right OST for LaMB!

In response to Animax's blogger's contest about their upcoming anime: LaMB (Click the link if you don't know all about it), here's my first article answering the question:

"If you had to choose a theme song for LaMB, which song would you choose? Which band would you have perform it and why?"

I didn't give this one much of a thought though. I almost instantly knew what the song should be.

When I first saw LaMB and the lame OST, I personally don't think
The Click Five's "Summertime" is the best song for it... neither is "I Can Wait Forever" by Simple Plan. Yeah sure Click Five and Simple Plan's famous and all, but what do they know about making OST's for anime for goodness sake?! This anime needs more energy... more rock! More... L'Arc~en~ciel and Daft Punk!

Here are three songs that I propose be the OST for the sake of Cerra:

New World by L'Arc~en~ciel

Neo Universe by L'Arc~en~ciel

If Animax chose The Click Five or Simple Plan because they're famous, L'Arc~en~ciel is as awesome as those bands! It's just not promotional but they're both rock and cool at the same time. In New World and Neo Universe of LARUKU (short for L'arc--you know what), their song-- specifically the lyrics--reveal more of LaMB's profound storyline. It's not everyday you get to encounter an anime where criminals--not to mention HUMAN LIVES--are recycled!

Although I can't understand much of the Jap lyrics, I've looked for english translations of those songs (told you I'd research about this although I can't be 100% sure if the translation is correct~ XD), lo and behold! The lyrics of New World and Neo Universe both depict a different world is coming and that we should embrace it because change is inevitable and we'll just one day wake up in it.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk

Now this one is undeniably a good song--even Akon made his own remix out of it! But aside from the western version, this song almost captured every essence of what 'Lamination' is all about. Once one become a LaMB, they are perfect-- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Yet unfortunately from my own understanding about the anime, they still do not own their lives. They are still the criminals that they are---only, upgraded to become of better use to the society. And just like the video of this song, the anime band is taken away from their home planet, transformed in memories, image and style-- only to be sent to a different and unknown planet by someone's dark plans! (Wooow. XD)

I don't think the songs I've mentioned above have already become theme songs for different mainstream anime so it becomes a perfect opportunity to re-live the song and have the right--or should I say--PERFECT OST for LaMB!

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