October 24, 2008

For some laugh! =D

Everybody just keeps going back to that funny moment... In this case, funny vids! Below are some of my best funny youtube vids (for me), they just crack me up everytime i watch it! XD

First one is taken from TV comedy show Who'se Line Is It Anyway? under their segment "Sound Effects" where they call someone from the audience to act out the supposedly sound of what the actors on stage are going to portray. After watching this, i'm sure you're going to look for more of these vids!

Who'se Line Is It Anyway?
Sound Effects: "Cops & Ducks"

Another favorite of mine is stand up comedian Pablo Francisco doing what he's good at: Making people laugh! Here's the impossible vid you haven't watched yet, Preview Man Parody.

There's also ventriloquist Jeff Dunham showing off Akmed The Dead Terrorist. I just died after watching this, so funny LMAO!XD "Shut up or I Kill yoooouuuu!!!" =))

For a short laugh, here's a seemingly funnier remix of it's original vid, Nintendo 64 Remix. That kid has some issues lol!

And there's more, involving socialite Paris Hilton who finally gets out of jail for DUI (drinking under influence). She's invited to The Late Night Show with David Letterman last 9/27/2007. You should see her face while being made fun off! Up until this time i don't know if i should pity her, but then again, she's Paris right? She would probably be the last person i'd pity LOL!

Lastly, here's our very own Micheal V., with his old song from the Gag Show Bubble Gang about DJ Bumbay.

"Porselanang arinola galing Pakistan, may factory defect sa loob yung hawakan break it down!" =))

Keep smiling! It's contagious! =D