October 14, 2008

Do you have the guts?!

Do you have the guts?!
…Read on and know why I literally want you guts. *Evil laugh*
By Joan Ison (Soon-to-be-Awakened)

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“I have killed the Yoma. In three days time, a man in black suit will collect the fee. If you do not pay, we won’t help you anymore and leave your village to be ravaged by Yomas.”

It’s just another mission completed by the Claymores and this is their closing line to the villagers whom they helped rid of the flesh-eating monsters called Yoma.

And so before I give you spoilers about this extraordinary anime, here’s a little background about Claymore and why this anime should get the attention it deserves!

Originally a manga series written and illustrated by Nirihiro Yagi that came out on Monthly Shonen Jump Magazine (which later on came out as a weekly basis), the story can very much be appreciated by any anime otaku because of its horror/ supernatural/ dark fantasy genre.

Story & Setting

Claymore takes place in a fictional medieval world where humans coexists with creatures they call Yoma.

Basically, Yomas are sentient monsters that feed on human organs. They have the ability to shape shift into the image of the person they… ulp… eat, because by consuming their brain, they also gain that person’s memory and so is capable of disguising and acting human, living amongst them, only to shift back into their monstrous nature once they feed on their next victim.

A nameless and highly secretive organization has created a small army to protect humans from the gut-eating Yoma. They implant Yoma flesh and blood to humans, thus creating hybrids more powerful than the original Yoma. These trained warriors are thus called Claymore, after the immense Claymore weapon they wield. Villagers who are attacked by Yomas hire Claymores to kill it for them in exchange for a large fee.

The story of Claymore follows the adventures of Claymore warrior Clare who fights Yomas for the sake of preserving her own humanity...

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