August 6, 2010

Fresh & amazing!

I've heard a lot of Music through out the years... and just when I thought they couldn't evolve any further and all the lyrics has been used up and all kinds of emotions have already been expressed by previous artists, these new singles have stayed true to becoming fresh and note worthy to be in the charts!

First off, let Eminem and Rihanna burn you with their awesome collaboration in Love The Way You Lie starring Megan Fox and Dominic Mohagnan. Oh and of course check out Rihanna's new flaming red hair do!

2010's Best Female Hip-Hop Artist Nicki Minaj shows off her rapping skills in Your Love using a Japanese-inspired MTV that makes the whole song a bit more fly than eva!

Come to the world of Taio Cruz where the women just seems to be everywhere. Bring your self to the dance floor and light up like a Dynamite and just keep that mood as Usher and Pitbull sings DJ Got Us Fallin In Love Again.

And speaking of falling in love, Bruno Mars' latest song will melt your heart away in the most simplest yet heart-felt lyrics of Just The Way You Are.