December 2, 2010

Just check it out!

A lot of lines this first song can already become my intro, "No need to ask why, you just gotta see with your eyes!", "These songs are banging, they're hot off the skillet!" so Check It Out, and Nicki Minaj revives one of the old annoying songs and turns into an interesting part of their rap. Now it can't stop playing in my head!

I rarely listen to Slash but now that the band features Fergie of B.E.P. (wow, they are really active), Beautiful Dangerous gets into the chart radar.

After Teenage Dream, soon-to-be "Katy Brand" releases another hard hitting chart topper which fairly gives off a good feeling to anyone who deciphers the song's meaning. Ignite the light within you in Katy Perry's Firework.

Since Linkin Park released their album "A Thousand Suns" last September, the songs they've been releasing not only rises in the hit charts but gives of some pretty awesome video effects! Here's The Catalyst and their latest disabled-for-embedding song Waiting For The End.

And lastly, Ke$ha tries to rules the night with We R Who We R.
Talk about text shortcuts huh?Here's another one for the club!

Another batch of songs comin' right up!