April 21, 2009

MJ kid: Shaheen Jafargholi

After internet sensation Susan Boyle, a 12-year Shaheen Jafargholi from possesses more talent than everyone thought. Singing Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" he was stopped by Simon Cowell after a verse saying it wasn't the right song for him. On his feet and given another chance to pick a new song, has chose to sing "Who's Loving You" by Michael Jackson during his Jackson Five days.

And the result, watch it and get goosebumps yourself!

(again embedding is disabled so go watch the link in another tab!)

...So has Susan finally met her ultimate competitor in this season?! Both of them has stunned the judges, the audience and everyone else who wasn't first slightly interested. But now my eyes and ears will be watching out for Britain's [definately] Got Talent!