August 6, 2009

When once isn't just enough!

The death of former President Cory Aquino (may her soul rest in peace, AMEN) has been the major headlines of news everywhere. And although it's very clear that it's MRS. AQUINO who died a peaceful death from Colon Cancer, why the heck do our SERIOUS and VETERAN journalists keep on making such HUGE (and not to mention EMBARRASSING) mistakes?!

Typo? Conspiracy? Or simply an inside joke?

When one gaffe isn't enough, a second sure made the whole thing a joke. (Don't get me wrong, I understand how my fellow journalist feels so I'm not actually mad at the whole thing). Here are some of the "odd" or we could say "questionable" errors some major media companies have been making, it's turning out to be a running joke rather than thought of as human error. =))

(Note: At least this article was edited a few hours after the error has been realized)

Seriously guys, you're being too obvious already.
Stop. with. the. freakin'. hidden. meanings. A third ain't funny already. ('Coz your just tarnishing how journalism is supposed to be ACCURATE.)