December 16, 2009

Catching up on the hits

There is no rest for the wicked... and so is with Music. I've only rested from looking at the billboard charts for the past week and I already got some catching up to do! And just in case I'm not the only person around in need of updating, here's 5 songs to keep your ears in tune!

You'd prolly hear this a lot in the radio or someone else singing it. Fireflies by the Owl City is such a hit I was wondering how come it took some time to make it's way mainstream. Here's the song that doesn't really make much sense in the lyrics but still makes you sing along with it.

All streams are disabled for embedding so just watch the official video here:

Check out also Marie Digby's nice acoustic rendition! (I wanna learn that guitar chord! <3)

Newcomer Jason Derulo will keep his song looping in your head and your head banging to the beat! Here's Watcha Say climbing up the charts.

Get stuck with this song and keep it on Replay as IYAZ followed by Ke$ha's Tik Tok (Tick Tock) gets you in the groove with these songs that are both on the top 5 of the current hit charts!

Lastly, 13-year old Justin Beiber sings One Time and becomes a hit with his charming puppy love... are we seeing the next Nick Carter?

1 Comment:

Reimaru said...

LOL the One Time song is always played here in the office... I also quoted Justin Beiber "the white kid who wants to be a black dude" =))
you'll know why because of the video