April 17, 2010

Songs that may you go Ooooh!~

To start this week's what's-new playlist, Usher and Will.I.Am is back in the dance floor that will make you go O-o-o-OMG!

Monica and Jamie Foxx team up to duet Here I Am while Trey Songz features Faboulous in Say Aah.

Chill to Goldfrapp's latest single and let the beat take you singing Oooh, I got a Rocket~
Listen to it here!

Let Jack Johnson take You and Your Heart bubbling to his guitar and song's message.

And to end the list, here's Can't Go Back from the OST of upcoming movie KickAss. I've been hearing some pretty good reactions about this movie although I'm highly hesitant about it. Well we might as well just watch it and see for ourselves if Kickass is the superhero that can win our hearts (or rob our wallets)!