January 4, 2011

Project 365: Day 1-4

A new year has come and it's another year to live and of course new things to look forward to! For my first post in this new decade, I'm starting a personal project I'd like to call Project 365 where I will be taking 1 picture a day and post it here (with special thanks to inspirations from fellow photographers and the blog New Dress A Day). Not only do I get to update my blog more often (as this previous new year's resolution is not always kept) but I'll also be able to practice photography even more and add more stuff to my folio. I may not be the best photographer but the joys of being able to complete this (and HOPEFULLY I will!), will one day be rewarded in some way...? *LOL*

So without further ado (and still no permanent photo signature >_<), here's what I've been clicking from Jan. 1-4, 2011!

Day 1: What would be the main highlight of the day rather than the fireworks
that lit the star-less 2011 night? A new year, new opportunity and
a new outlook in life--- therefore the "New Happy Year"!

Day 2: It was another great day for my family to be spending our
last vacation day at our province... and there were a few remaining fireworks
we lit around 8pm. This beautiful dance of light was from
one of the fountains we've enjoyed.

Day 3: January 3. Back to work. *eeep!* These are the times when it was hard to get
out of bed and start making my brain work again. Good thing a good mix of my sweet coffee
was enough to wake me up... and i finally got to use my [one of the many] gifts to myself---
the Nikon 70-200mm mug! I simply heart it!:D

...Oh and i took this one using my 2mp X90 cherry mobile phone.
Doesn't really have to be from my SLR. Ironic though. Haha!

Day 4: Inabraw. Or well, at least that's how we call it in Pangasinan, my birth province.
It's one of the many family recipes we cook at home which is like Pinakbet,
only cooked in Bagoong or Fish Paste.

I took this photo for my uncle who's coming up with a packed-lunch business for
busy people in Makati or Manila. We only cook good food so if you're interested,
check out this page to learn how to order your daily Samit! Authentic Faily Recipe!:)
(Whoa instant plug!XD)

Next post is coming up in the next few days where I'll try to keep continuing this Project. Hopefully with all the things I plan on doing this 2011, I fulfill at least half of it! A Happy New Year to everyone!=)