February 6, 2009

Granado Espada FAA Competition

Online MMORPG Granado Espada launches another round of talent-based community contest giving away in-game items that are uberly rare and tempting!

Following last year's successful competition called The Fantazzztic Film Awards or FFA (making a 10 minute machina based on each week's theme), the aim now is to make a 30 second game ad following the valentine's theme! The Fantazzztic Ads Awards just ended and it's time to view all the contestant's entry!

See their submitted works here. Only registered members/players may view GE's forum. You may register If you want, I suggest trying out the game too. XD

Particularly endorsing my friends' entries:

By DeSanggria Family:

Make it real

By the legendary FFA Grand Prize Winner, Reclusion Family:

Eyeball Version: Puppet

Eyeball Version: World Cross-over

Too bad I'm not active in the game anymore, I could have joined like back in the FFA days! :D But Kudos to all who joined, may the best Ad wins! (Well, the above videos should win... I was their actress! LOL! XDD)