February 1, 2009

When lovesongs make a comeback

In this month of hearts, we expect to hear mushy songs keep on playing. But Celine Dion and Boys II Men days are way over rated so here are the hottest modern love songs that would give you a new tune to share with your lovey-dovey!

Starting off, here's a simple video but an awesome lyrics from Neyo in Mad.

After their hit song 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved', The Script makes another bang in Breakeven. (This was my LSS last week and after hearing this song again, I just couldn't get it off my head again!) "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you~"

Ms. American Idol Kelly Clarkson goes for a clean and simple song--not to mention look, in My Life Would Suck Without You, currently the #1 song in Billboard's hit chart!

Falling inlove with someone else is common... that's why Fall Out Boy (You don't call 'em Fall Out's for nuthin!) decided it was better to love their own sins! Here's why they haven't failed to amaze me: American Suitehearts - tune + video + concept = love.

(The official video isn't available for embedding yet so just watch the video here.)

And aside from mutual and ego-love, here's the one we dub thee as 'obsession'. Here's Pink in Please Don't Leave Me.

Want more? There's still a long list of songs to be featured next week! 'Til then! ^_~v