February 4, 2009

What I've been up to.

For more than 3 days now, I've been unable to get 8 hours of sleep, work on my magazine articles, update my blog and well, get enough sleep.

So what's the root cause of this zombie-mode?

3 things that has become my recent addiction (after having none for such a long time XD):

- What can I say? Chatting is addicting right? Know what happens to me every minute of my life.. I don't mind, that's why I plurk right? XD +1 Karma point! Woohoo!~

Deviant art.
- I've been uploading my old and new photo collection taken either by camera phone or with a DSLR. Hope you drop by and check out my work! I'm happy to be getting good responses and favorites so far! Just click on the link and you'll be directed to my page! :D

- This simply adorable 2008 nominated PSP Game of the Year totally got me hooked and not to mention exercising whenever I try to follow the beats! I can't help but dance or tap to the tune as I march my Pata pata pata pons into missions and eventually lead them to Earthland! Currently at Mission 30, I wonder when I'll finish this? Patapon 2 is soon to come out already! ~XD

A cute artwork on Patapon copying the poster of the movie "300".
Kudos to the creator! (Sorry I couldn't find the site source)
The falling Zarapons knocked me out!XD