June 26, 2009

Robot rock!

With all the hype going on in relation to the blockbuster summer movie 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen', it's also an opportunity to look at more than the movie but also on the OST! Here's what's rocking the robots [coincidentaly coming] from many of my favorite punk-rock mainstream bands! (New Divide by Linkin Park not included anymore as i previously got to feature in the last Music Highlights post.)

Remember that scene where Sam Witwicky was just starting to find his dorm room and the BGM just came from nowhere? It's from Greenday's latest album 21st Century Breakdown, this is 21 Guns.

Nickleback pumps the action scenes with their super rock and roll song Burn it to the Ground. Gotta love this one! (Sorry about the video though, best one i could find! =.=")

And coming in the picture is one of my most missed bands, TBS-- Taking Back Sunday with their song Capital M-E.

Staind also becomes part of the big movie with This Is It and Hoobastank in I Don't Think I Love You.

Theory of a Dead Man
takes one step forward and two steps back in 'Not Meant To Be'.

Some more songs from the OST i wouldn't stream here anymore (mainly because they're not that goood too, sorry AAR) but i've included qucik links to them also incase you wanna listen:

All American Rejects - Real World
The Used - Burning Down the House
Cheap Trick - Transformers Remix

And to wrap things up, here's something more subtle to cool your ears down from all that rock, here's Never Say Never by The Fray.

I'm just loving this album! :D