June 18, 2009

To infinity... and beyond!

*ver. 2 --edited 06.19.09

Previously including Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince in this post, I decided to change it with a movie that hasn't come out instead since I already got to feature HP 6 in one of my posts long ago on "20009 Movie Trailers". Moving on, here's something related to novels turn movies: "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffeneger is a story about Henry DeTamble (played by Eric Bana) who involuntarily travels through time and into Clare Abshire's (Rachel McAdams) childhood. When the two finally meet in the future, it becomes an unlikely story of love that pushes on philosophical questions of 'meaning and purpose'. It seems like a romantic and heartbreaking movie that would be nice to watch with that someone special... :)

And then exactly one year from now, we would get to relive our childhood days back when we were still into toys... And after a decade of resting, Disney's Toy Story will have it's 3rd sequel which means more adventure with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, T-Rex, Mr. Potato Head and the rest of Andy's toys in Toy Story 3! I wonder though if Andy would still be in the picture given it has been 10 years ago (TS 2 was shown way back in 1999!)? I can't wait to know! But still, there's always that saying "everyone's a kid at heart" right? :D

Speaking of toys, GI Joe fans have something to celebrate about as this famous action figure finally gets its first movie titled "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" which is surprisingly not CGI-made and is set to be released this August 2009! I may not be such a fan (since of course I was more into the Barbie stuff) but I do know this is one interesting representation I'd like to watch!
(And well because Channing Tatum is a hunk! XD)

Official Movie site here.