November 18, 2008

Apathetic expressions enters dictionary

Here's an interesting news:

Apathetic expressions (or Having or showing little or no emotion) such as 'hmm' and 'heh' have entered the famous Collins English Dictinary after 'generating a surprising amount of enthusiasm among lexicographers' (One who writes, compiles, or edits a dictionary).

Even the popular expression 'Meh' from The Simpsons will be part of the updated dictionary to be published next year!

"The origins of "meh" are murky, but the term grew in popularity after being used in a 2001 episode of "The Simpsons" in which Homer suggests a day trip to his children Bart and Lisa.

"They both just reply 'meh' and keep watching TV," said Cormac McKeown, head of content at Collins Dictionaries.

The dictionary defines "meh" as an expression of indifference or boredom, or an adjective meaning mediocre or boring. Examples given by the dictionary include "the Canadian election was so meh."


Other suggestions included jargonaut - a fan of jargon; frenemy - an enemy disguised as a friend (LOL!); and huggles, a hybrid of hugs and snuggles."

(Source here.)

Now you've learned some of the few not-so-conventional words (as it might have been popularized by internet forums or slangs too), it's great to see how language still evolves and people tend to make new words and still get understood! XD

Hmm, I wonder... who first suggested 'LOL', 'LMAO', 'RTOFL', 'PWND', 'NOOB'?! Can I invent my own word too? XD Say..."Bluggish" - Blogger's sickness; A lazy blogger.