November 10, 2008

Something to ponder about:

"What if your greatest mistake is your greatest happiness?

Will you stand to correct it or just hope that you won't live to regret it?"

...'Tis a tough one to answer for me.


kincaid said...

i will hope that i won't live to regret it.

it's easy to make mistakes, but its not always that you can find your greatest happiness.

Lady 'K said...

Reminds me of one of your own blog articles about that time you got depressed with your plan for Gamer Underground... it may have failed but heck, it's better you tried right? (Tama daw bang mag mention ng example ng iba instead of my own encounter? XP)

deEspania said...

well...for me, i prefer i hope i won't live to regret it...kc nmn I already experienced it...but d ko lng xa nasagot nung nisend ko sainyo yan lols kc xempre nagiicp now i realized na un nga....i hope i won't live to regret it rin :) [kng anu man un....secret~ :P]

btw ikaw b anu nga b sau? hehehe d mo man masagot maybe masagot mo rin someday~ LOLS

Lady 'K said...

Yeah, Someday... (We'll know if love can move a mountain? /ho~) XP