November 10, 2008

Cactus theft: LOL!

This is just one of those news I just had to LOL about!

Giant Cactuses are being stolen in Palm Desert and is sold for $800. When the officials finally notice the decreasing number in Cacti, they implant surveillance cameras and microchips in the remaining spine plants to be able to keep track of it. Although this cactus theft is a serious topic, I just can't help but laugh about the thought that whoever started this Cactus-napping (lol) really thought out of the box! Sometimes stupid ideas really get you somewhere! XD

And so while the thief is making a pot of gold somewhere, Cactuar swears revenge for his stolen army! *1,000,000 needles! = 999,999 damage!* PWNED!=))

Have you seen my wife?
(Awww, poor Cactus! :c)

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