November 21, 2008

Bleach: RANTS & ...RANTS?!

We all know how much a hit Bleach has become. It definitely has a fairly unique storyline although Shinigami's (Death Gods) and abilities are an over-rated tandem in anime.

If you're watching this anime, you'd probably have an idea what i'm about to rant. If you haven't, better go through the anime first then I think you'd agree with me (lol).

I like Bleach. I really do! Ever since it first came out, I already got hooked and even had advanced reading of the storyline through the manga. I'm no Bleach geek though (I just download the episodes and OST) and that's it. But just because i'm no hardcore fan doesn't mean I don't have a say to the infuriating things I notice.

First is the obvious part. Bleach fans fell inlove with the story because of the storyline concerning Aizen and his band of exiled Shinigamis. As the story progressed, there were a lot of breath taking episodes... Then there were the fillers.

The filler stories in Bleach are like the lamest, yes LAMEST! fillers in the entire anime industry! I mean, those stories don't even make sense and is just a waste of download time and effort to watch it! As if the fillers connect to the main story anyway! I actually thought that if there was an official Bleach website (If there is, kindly share it) I'll flood the rant folder. >:) Well, not really flood, I'm no flamer lol.... Just wanted to have a clear explanation on why fillers almost show up and dominate half the whole series of Bleach. I don't even get the point why they include that! I mean, the artist or script writer could have just exerted the effort of continuing the story rather than making boring episodes about some ghost chef who'se lost in the living world making cupcakes... sheez! =.=" Good thing the manga somehow progresses and doesn't contain trash stories.

Bottom line is, We want Aizen!!! (Oh and give Kon some airtime too! XD)

Second rant is, (although I'm not sure if others would think this isn't something to fuss about), it's about the constant helplessness of the supposedly 'strong' character in Bleach... Inoue. Her constant sobbing of 'Kurosaki-kun!' whenever Ichigo gets beaten up is sooooo annoying! For the whole episode (take ep. 195) all she said the whole time was 'Kurosaki-kun' *sad, fears,sobs, sad,fears,sobs... * =.="! If she wasn't so weak, Ichigo won't get beaten in the first place. Rescuing the princess is such an over-rated story and I think Bleach is getting somewhere without having to include this kind of situation. I just can't help but wonder why Inoue gets to be so popular in the story though... Does her BIG bazonkers / BIG valleys / GINORMOUS mellon grenades (Quoting Lance) she keeps give her the leverage?! Hmmm... I'm starting to think Aizen isn't really interested with her healing powers at all.... Bwahaha! Hmmm.... *evil thought* Come on! Tell me you don't agree on this one?! >:)

I bet you first looked at her BIG BANKAI. >:)

And last but not least, I think Ichigo is going waaaay beyond being a hero already. It's nice that he keeps on protecting his friends and the like, but his gallantry is becoming a bit too exaggerated to the point that he talks a lot, charges a lot, and ends up getting his butt kicked or saved by some miracle or twist of the story. Take for example, (spoiler as it could be), there's Zengetsu at first, then the Vizards, out came Ichigo-hollow form, then Nel in true form, Zaraki Kempachi took the death blow for him and obviously his friends are part of the list and so is shockingly, Byakuya! <3>

Ichigo is cool as he already is, keeping a low profile like Byakuya or Hitsugaya could be a start. ;-p

After all that's been said, what's left to do is to sit and wait as each week pass by for the next episode releases, hoping my rant list won't get any longer than this. =.="


Lance said...

Let's just hope they give those with minuscule melons like Soi Fon, Hinamori, and Rukia a chance to shine unlike a supposed goddess like Orihime who could have just ended it all to begin with. XP

Lady 'K said...

I so agree with you! At least Matsumoto has some guts fighting despite having heavy twins! XD