November 3, 2008

November Vacation!

After almost 3 years of pure studies (really?!) and being a part of the working society, I finally got to enjoy a 5-day vacation in my dear birthland, Pangasinan. I may not have been totally cut off from work and got bloatful from all the hearty meals, but overall... Man did i enjoy it! =)

Some pics I just wanna share~


Oldest-happiest habit, sand castle-building. :)

Flower among the twigs~

"Boulders & flowers"
(Wow my phone takes some good shots! XD)

The place where i stayed all day~


Wooo beach!~

Sweet, sweet sun.
(Finally got the picture right after manually finding the right
composition while mercilessly being sucked by mosquitoes! >_<")

How i wanted to enjoy it longer... But it's back to work again tomorrow!
... Awww.


Lance said...

Nice! Kakanggit! You should seriously plan a gimik to Pangasinan in the future with friends, definitely. XD

Lady 'K said...

Not a bad idea my friend. =D
I might, in the near future, yes. ^_^