November 17, 2008

R&B and the evolving MTV's!

It's Music Highlights on the latest R&B again because those music just keeps on coming and the videos are finally showing us something fresh!

Cassie's tired of being the unofficial girl in her new single (after a long time!) Official Girl.

After 1,2 Step, we haven't heard from sexy Ciara anymore. But she's back as the 'energized playboy bunny' with Go Girl ft. T-Pain. She finally breaks out of those usual Girl-on-the-block vids, and trust me, this modern vid from her is probably just the start and we're hoping to see more! (Although one of her metallic costumes also reminded me of the movie Queen of the Damned)

Usher lessens the dance moves and showcases some mighty sexy vid in Trading Places.

Lastly, Beyonce constantly releases refined songs and now sings for the all those Single Ladies (is this an answer to New Kids on The Block's song, Single? XD).

This vid seemed to be unlike Beyonce's other vids since the whole time she was just dancing. Yet the outcome was still great together with the simple Black & White efect, I just noticed she's taken a liking to it (since If I Were A Boy vid was also like this).

I'll try to divert the next MH to different genres but for now, I gotta get some rest! *Sleeps at work with Clay Aiken on the BG* LOL! (Just kidding about sleeping at work leh! =.=")