November 15, 2008

Super Mario is not dead!

Do you remember the time when Super Mario was ever so popular in the Nintendo Family Computer? Then it had a NES version, released in Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, had a 50 cent-Arcade, then invaded Game boy (Color & Advanced) and recently in DS and Wii. But not so long ago when the computer was the 'new' platform for gaming, the Mario Brothers has also continued to evolve, adapt, occupy and well, continue to rescue Princess Peach in PC gaming!

Super Mario Bro's (c) 1985.
Platform: Famicom/NES
(Crap, it's older than me! =.=")

I missed the time I was playing Super Mario World in Famicom... Yes, 1993 Famicom! XD It was definitely a long adventure with it's 72 stages (From Yoshi's Land to Star World) and honestly, I really didn't get to finish it and again, save the always-kidnapped princess. XD

Super Mario World (c) 1990.
Platform: Super Famicom

And since it's impossible for someone not to know Super Mario game (or unless you were born yesterday), I won't dig deeper on this over-rated but well-reputed game. Instead, I'd rather share you some of the not-so-classic version of Super Mario Bro's and relive the days when Yoshi-riding, mushroom stomping, Spin-jumping, Fire flower, Castle blowing ( get the point) was as cool as getting the Sparkling Invincible Star!

Searching through the web, I found some some interesting sites that offers Super Mario PC Games. Although I seriously doubt you'll like the graphics (since nothing much has changed since the NES release), if you just really want to try out Mario and Luigi again, wouldn't hurt to try right?

From Super Mario PC Challenge 6
I wouldn't expect much if I were you. XD

From PC World: Super Mario: FINAL
Trustworth site, lame graphics for the game. LOL.

From Super Mario 3: Mario Forever
A 9 out of 10 rating (By players), I couldn't be too sure if it's an almost-perfect game for the PC version... haven't downloaded it myself. But it looks interesting... meh.

From Super Mario Forever
...Now this is what I want to play! (No pun or biase intended) :D

And to sum it up, If your craving for Super Mario Bro's wasn't quenched by a quick PC Game, there's always the nicer version released in DS, well, that is if you have one. =.="

Oh and you could look for the classic games where Princess Peach or Yoshi is the main character you play... Just for a change. XP

New Super Mario Bro's (c) 2006.
Platform: Nintendo DS

Official Nintendo DS Site: