November 29, 2008

MTV's Music Summit 2008

The biggest and most awaited music event in the country will once again rock for a cause: it's MTV's 'Staying Alive Music Summit for HIV/AIDS' 2008 this December 3!

See your favorite bands rock the night in Mall of Asia's concert ground with performers like Bamboo, Sandwich, Urbandub, Up Dharma Down, Rivermaya and more!

Working for Smart truly has it's perks! I can't wait to get my hands on my VIP pass! >:)

Read more about the concert by clicking the logo above!

Pics to follow in future post! =)


Lady 'K said...

I eventually went but didn't get to finish the whole concert and even see Urbandub! /sob

But at least I get to hear Out Of Body Special's "Give It". Man did it make my day! =)

Quote of the day:

"Share the Experience, not the sickness!" - Jay of Kamikazee on Sex and AIDS/HIV Prevention

Innovation said...


LOCATION: Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Through a new marketing medium -- BLUESPOT MEDIA -- HIV/AIDS Awareness was deployed via a MOBILE DOWNLOADS CAMPAIGN at the MTV MUSIC SUMMIT bringing a fresh new aspect to “SPREADING the WORD, NOT the VIRUS”.

To achieve maximum coverage, BLUESPOT MEDIA deployed a total of eight (8) Access Points in the concert grounds and VIP area. Just by turning on their Mobile Phones’ Bluetooth function, attendees can then download EXCLUSIVE MTV wallpapers, HIV/AIDS Awareness Wallpapers, Videos from MTV, HIV/AIDS Awareness Artist Bites, both International and Local, Public Service Announcements, animations, and so much more!

- There were Six Thousand Seventy One (6,071) Unique Mobile Phones detected

- A total of Five Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Seven (5,237) Downloads of Mixed Media in a span of Eight (8) Hours

- Twenty Percent (20%) of the Total Downloads came from the VIP Area

- Figures exclude the VIRAL aspect of the campaign. Contents can be passed on for free among attendees through bluetooth

- Giving MTV an Eighty Eight Percent (88%) Conversion Rate for the Mobile Downloads Campaign

Lady 'K said...

Thanks for the detailed info's Innovation! Do you happen to be part of the event organizers to know such data? :)