November 21, 2008

Music Overload: A Dash of Everything

There's a bunch of new hits out and I'm tapping into different genres for everyone's liking...or not. It's an overload of music and all you have to do is read and listen.

Starting off with the usual Pop, here's two previous girls with issues: Britney Spears is back and sexy once again in Womanizer and Christina Aguilera goes blue hair and modish vid in Keeps Getting Better. It's catchy, mind you. XD

Next is Pop-Emo band Fall Out Boy singing I Don't Care.

There's also one up for
Emo-Punk and it's probably from one of the best band of that genre, here's My Chemical Romance letting it be with Kill All Your Friends!

(There's no video for this yet unfortunately, but the audio alone makes me go ba-ba-baaa~!)

And of course Punk is part of the list, and this one is coming from the sountrack of the upcming movie slash hit novel, Twilight. Here's Paramore's I Caught Myself

This song has a more catchy tune than the other soundtrack Decode but I'm throwing in the Official Music Vid of it for your appreciation as well.

So what's the best alternative to Punk? It's no other than Alternative and unfortunately, i couldn't find anything latest from the usual bands of this genre but I do have a bit of a mushy-like song, it's Love Remains the Same from Gavin Rossdale, former lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Bush. FYI, he's Gwen Stefani's hubby if you didn't know.

There's still more in the list and Rap/Hip-Hop is next featuring Kanye West. He currently has 3 songs topping the charts but I prefer to share to you his Love Lockdown.

After the light rap, here's something hardcore from Rapcore (Rock Rap / Metal) from Hollywood Undead's Undead (Yeah that's the title of the song). Although I'm not a fan of this genre, I did like it though...except for the vid. Warning: Explicit content. Watch at your own expense.

Moving on, it's juts not all foreign music I'm featuring. Including this OPM that has become a part of my most favorite songs of all time, here's the latest from comeback-singer, Rico Blanco's Your Universe.

"I don't think that you even realize
The joy you make me feel when i'm inside
Your universe
You hold me like i'm the one who's precious
I hate to break it to you but its just
The other way around
You can thank your stars all you want but
I'll always be the lucky one"

*Sniff* This song makes me feel inlove!~XD

Lastly, here's the Opening song of my favorite Mecha-infused anime, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure. (Fact: I didn't like Gundam nor Macross =.="I like Voltes V and Daimos though! XD)

I sooo miss watching this anime! :( (Hmm, should I make an anime review of this?:D)

...Well that's all of it! I told you i'd tap almost every genre! ^_^v


jay said...

punk could be a lot of things, but it can't be paramore. and my chemical romance is not one of the best emo bands out there. Paramore is pop, so is my chem.

the ramones, the clash, sex pistols are punk bands. rites of spring, embrace are emo.

lalang, just ranting.:)

go on..

Lady 'K said...

Naku, basta ikaw mag comment sa music, may point. haha! :)

Paramore could be pop-punk actually. Harcore punk bands naman kasi minention mo. Kahit sabihin mo sa kabataan yan ngayon, they wouldn't know them anyway. :p

You sooo have something against MCR! haha!

jay said...

no, theyre really pop..:) the clash aint hardcore.. you can actually sing some of their songs sa videoke..:)