November 26, 2008

The Morning Rush x2!

Do you listen to the radio every morning while preparing for school or going to work? Well I do. And I specifically listen to Monster Radio (RX 93.1)'s Morning Rush hosted by the brilliant Duo: Chico and Delamar. Every segment they have what they call "Top 10" where the topic of that day is talked about listeners text their funniest or weirdest anwers and thus broken into Top 10 every 30 Min. of the show. Of course aside from the Top 10 sharing (w/c is about a funny toppic most of the time), great music plays in the background too! (Do you really think RX would go... "alam mo na yan!" "Naka _ _ _ _ ka na ba?" Pleeaaasse! This is some quality station here!)

The funny and witty veteran radio and newspaper commentators keep my ears glued to their various topics every morning, most of the time making me and my household laugh out loud. Best thing about it is, a fan by the name of Blue Ritz uploads their Morning Rush segment everyday so I catch up to those topics I get to miss.

I don't know if this is illegal or not, but thanks to Blue Ritz for recording the Morning Rush! XD

Listen to their various topics everyday and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too! :D

Morning Rush airs at 6 am -9am, Mondays To Saturdays.
(And no, I am not paid to advertise this. XP)